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Our training facilities in Europe Asia and UAE are unique of nature and derive from an extraordinary combination of cutting-edge training, elite instructors and support staff and it’s integrated advanced technology.

This translates into reality-based training for special operations forces, counter-terrorism units, law enforcement, all security related courses and others.

Individual Courses


Course Cost
All-inclusive: Flight costs: Eindhoven airport Netherlands to Belgrade airport Serbia. Hotel accommodation including food and soft drinks during training days. Each student will be issued a training hand-out and a student progress book.

Up to 5
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Advanced Precision Rifle 3-day

This course is intended for the duty sniper who wants to learn about advanced aspects of weapon-craft. In this course you will be exposed to the fundamentals of field craft, and will learn to make first round hits with your weapons system at unknown distances out to 1000 yards. You will learn the exterior and terminal ballistics of your weapons system. If so equipped, you will learn to use the mildot reticle and other instruments specific to the mission profile of the military precision marksman. You’ll put these elements to work in several scenarios, including field exercises. This is a physically and mentally demanding class, but at the end of the course, you’ll be amply prepared to take the field as a precision marksman.


* Gun handling & Safety.

* Marksmanship.

* Combat Reallity mindset.



• Brief refresher of the Basic Course

• Cold bore data and zeroing of the weapon system

• Employing the Milliradian reticule for range estimation

• Understanding MOA and Milliradian adjustments

• Positional shooting – prone, standing, kneeling, sitting w/ anda w/out external props

• Engagement of moving targets

• Snap and multiple target training

• Practical stress shoot exercises

• Shot placement

• Data gathering out to 1000 yards

• Internal, external, and terminal ballistics

• Understanding of environmental effects on external ballistics

• Building your position, basic fundamentals of marksmanship, trigger control, recoil management

• Advanced wind reading


Equipment provided for:

· Sub MOA rifle (.308)

· 250 rds. Match grade ammunition

· Quality optics

· Bipod

· Binoculars

Your own equipment:

· Bean bag or Sand Sock

· Spotting Scope and Tripod

· Notebook and pencils

· Leatherman type tool

· Knee and elbow pads if desired

· Hat

· Ear and wrap around eye protection *Low profile hearing protection is highly encouraged.

· Clothing suitable for the weather

· Cap with a brim

· Rugged shoes or boots

· Notpad and pen


Skill Prerequisites
This is not a basic course. The student needs to be well aware of how their equipment works. A solid understanding of the rifle and scope is a must. Prior instruction in precision rifle will be necessary to insure that the student is able to move to advanced rifle concepts.

**The student must be able to move well while carrying gear on the trails.

Serbia ( Belgrade)COURSE SCHEDULE

Will be provided for, during training days. 
A Beautiful Hotel accommodation, just outside of Belgrade with a stunning view over the Serbian hills. Bare in mind one night is in the outback.

Will be provided for during training days. However, it may be that it’s possible to stay on practice location. If so will be indicated and taken care of. For Halal or Vegetarian meals contact us in advance. We make it happen. One night bush survival food.

Gear Rentals
Required materials are available to rent at minimal cost. Not interested in rental; trying and buying is an option to. One Stop Shop! Contact us for a list of bush survival gear for the night in the outback.


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SC TTS outstanding delivery of training and security management has proven their ability to manage and execute complex and critical training for numerous security companies and Government agencies in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.
Whether you are looking for a tailored training package, a location to conduct your own in-house training or a site for a joint exercise, SC TTS will exceed your expectations and be your optimal training solution.

SC TTS  guarantees:
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- Professional support
- Creating balanced and permanent solutions
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