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Specops Company is built on three complementary practices: MARITIME, AIR and GROUND support. These three core disciplines address all key aspects of comprehensive enterprise risk management, ranging from advance work and security for a special event to skilled due diligence analyses of potential outsource partners to workplace incident management to litigation support, compliance monitoring and crisis response

Our global operations are supported by 24/7 local expertise, an international administrative team and hands-on latest threat information.

Maritime security solutions

Our service, your success

We provide down to earth and cost effective solutions for both commercial and private vessels and their crews. Our personnel have many years experience of operating with large and small vessels in both military and commercial environments.
Maritime piracy is still a threat that is on the increase; What many people forget is that, when at sea, a vessel must be able to protect itself, coalition forces could be hours away, assuming that the crew can raise an alarm in time and if anyone can be bothered to respond.

Maritime Insurance

  • Specops Company has Public Liability Insurance Cover to the value of $5,000,000
  • All Specops Company Maritime personnel are covered by full medical and repatriation insurance.

Our approach

Our MSS, are based on the real world experiences of our personnel. Our clients can be assured they are being provided with no-nonsense tactics and techniques that will work in a hostile situation. Specops company has a deep understanding of the requirements and implications of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) legislation and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) ) and the consolidation of the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Affiliated member of SAMI & ICOC.

Specops Company offers many services to guarantee safe voyage for clients through hostile waters. These services are designed to deter any hostile action towards our client’s assets, and in the event of hostile action, to provide security and neutralize the threat.
While in port and at sea, Specops Company can provide 24-hour Watch Standers responsible for the safety of the vessel and crew.
Specops Company personnel will be capable of securing all assets and all personnel. Once at sea, Specops Company will provide crew training on the Crew Readiness Procedures. This awareness will give personnel the ability to effectively access safe zones within the vessel and instill confidence in their personal safety while transiting hostile waterways.


Ensure business continuity is maintained

Negate possible situations

Whether you intend to expand overseas to 'hostile' areas; require personal security of executives or conduct of internal security tests. Specops Company will identify and assess coercive threats and implement proactive measures in order to negate a possible situation.

Specops Company also adopts a series of logical phases to ensure business continuity is maintained.

- Effective protection & security management
- Highly experienced personnel
- Pro-active security solutions
- Regional experience and good working knowledge
- Long term sustainability
- Interface and liaison with local authorities
- Excellent public relations

24/7 support

Our global operations are supported by 24/7 local expertise, an international administrative team and hands-on latest threat information.


Geopolitical & Risk Assessment Procedures
Before considering any activity in new areas, regions or countries clients require up-to-date, accurate information relevant to their interests. These measures prevent unforeseen pitfalls. Specops Company provides detailed survey reports, analysis and risk assessments, which give clear overall pictures of any given location. Locally obtained cross-referred information ensures accuracy, which is essential in verifying and analyzing risks.

Advanced Security Surveys
By assessing any possible risk or threat to a client’s business or investments, Specops Company advises how best to defeat or greatly reduce any future security problems. Utilizing proven, effective security measures, whilst providing the safest possible environment for clients and their personnel to operate. 
In carrying-out risk assessments where there may be political or social unrest, Specops Company devises appropriate security measures and evacuation procedures to be implemented prior to deterioration of any given situation. It is essential when financing projects with other business partners, (particularly in new or remote areas), that an assessment should be carried out, so that your partners know exactly what security measures should be implement.

Specops Company distinguishes itself by recruiting only highly motivated and professional personnel drawn from various elite governments units and Special Forces personnel. These personnel have a myriad of exceptional international military and commercial operational experience, and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations.

Specops Company is also able to provide highly experienced teams to recruit and train local security forces in protective measures. The recruitment of locals is advisable in any environmental project, and necessary in gaining the confidence of the local population. Security education is also of paramount importance in ensuring the well-being of the local workforce and reducing any risk of incident in overseas operations.